Sunday, November 1, 2009

Oh Tender Child

What a wonderful gift you are
A treasure beyond gold.
Soon to bring riches to all of us
Born into the love that dreamed of you.

Oh, tender child
You will bring such joy and sometimes tears;
So much love that it is unfathomable
Before you are born

Each exquisite moment is gone before we blink
Your first smile, your first tooth,
Your first step, your first day of school
Remind us to slow down and share it with you

Oh tender child
I pray you recognize how very blessed you are
Being born to such loving parents
That will glow at your every accomplishment

You have a father that will teach you
How to love the outdoors and throw a ball
He will teach you to drive a car
He will show you what a loving father is

Oh tender child
You have a mother who has deep beauty within
She will teach you to love, nurture and cherish
She will teach you what a loving mother is

You complete a family circle
You become a link within a family chain
You are woven in the fabric of family history
You are part of a wonderful whole

Oh tender child
You are loved

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