Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Called to Grace--from October 2009

Dan and I, as well as the kids, have been working on his house to get it ready to sell. The kids tend to run out of energy for those chores before the adults do so Dan has left a television there for those times. The kids were watching Jurassic Park one of those afternoons. There is one scene where Dr. Grant, played by Sam Neill, is going to climb an electric fence. Now this fence is not electrified any longer because of a betrayal of one of the staff. Dr. Grant grabs the cable and pretends the electricity is coursing through him. The kids are frightened. Dr. Grant lets go and laughs. One of the children thinks this is very funny, the other not so much.

Dan used this scene in the movie as a teaching moment for our boys in how to test for electricity. If you grab a wire and it’s electrified, it causes your muscles to contract. You can’t let go. You test electricity with the back of your hand so that you can pull your hand away.

It made me think how this is much like how we get caught in sin. If we reach to grab (when it’s all about us), we can get caught up in sin. Sin has a way of taking hold sometimes and it’s hard to let go. Sin is all around us, tempting. But it is our actions, the reaching out and grabbing—the taking hold that entraps us. And there we are in the tragic dance with the very thing that can kill us. With electricity, it’s our body that dies. With sin, it’s our souls.

But if we reach out with an open hand, in giving (living our lives for others), we avoid the painful spasm that entraps us in sin. We are concentrating on the receiver that they safely receive our offering. God recognizes our giving heart and hands and so we are unharmed. Unscathed, healthy, whole through His energy. Who could protest that you are your most alive when you are charged by God? Electrifying!

God's blessings,

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