Monday, December 7, 2009


There is a certain smell of the soil here in Missouri, mostly clay, that reminds me of Tennessee. My southern family was just that, hospitality and grace. And since my birth timing lagged far behind any other girls in my family, I was a bit spoiled when we visited especially by my Uncle John and Aunt Jewel who had no daughters. We would ride horses at my cousin Billy Joe's house. A really great treat in a time when that wasn't such a common thing. I remember the first time I smelled a skunk, lying there in bed with my cousin, Debbie. The windows were open. What a terrible smell.....foreign to a city girl's nose. (and when I say city, I grew up in the suburbs on Indianapolis, but still totally alien to the rural family homes of my Tennessee cousins). And then of course, lots and lots of good food including sweet tea. I loved visiting my southern family. Now, many gone or scattered, I love my southern memories.

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