Sunday, July 8, 2012

a day for blessings

It has been more than a year since I wrote here; taking down my poetry because the caution I received about having "published" works.  But it's taken me a while to understand there are other ways to express myself and that I have something to say.

Every day is a chance to sit back and realize just how blessed we are.  For most of us, the basics are taken care of; a place to lay our head, food enough to sustain, and employment. But, for me at least, there is so much more.  Health, family, love, faith. Things worth holding on to, working for.

The world is full of blessings that cost us nothing; the singing of the birds, the scent of the earth after a rain, the way that trees dance in the breeze, the splash and gurgle of a woodland stream.

Too often our busy lives leave us little time to realize how very rich with blessings we are. I invite you to sip a cup of tea or have a second cup of coffee. Diet Coke too, you know who you are. While you are enjoying the aroma or the burn, think about all that is good with your life. Embrace each one.

Today is a day for blessings.

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