Friday, December 28, 2012

Yesterday, I spent some seven hours either sitting on high school bleachers or feeding wrestlers. I will do the same again today. When I thought of motherhood, this was not an image that even remotely came to me. But I am there because my son wants me there; it is important to him that I am there even in those long minutes when he is not wrestling. And that is enough for me. 

As we travel though life, we sometimes lose track of the blessings, especially the small ones. Often times, our greatest blessings are not what we receive but what we do for others.

So when that road you travel gets particularly long or rocky or that wooden bench gets very hard, think beyond that moment. There is something or someone worth enduring those moments of hardship. That something or someone is your blessing. Cherish them. And then, share your blessings!

♥ Jackie

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