Friday, November 6, 2009


"Everyone thinks about leaping off a building". Not I, not a building, never. But I did think of suicide 30 years ago. I can not remember why I thought my life so tragic, so overwhelming that I saw no hope of redemption. But my thoughts were superficial and self-centered. Certainly not self-serving.

There are few realities where I can imagine a person better off dead.

We have so many choices--life altering, life-giving, life ending. But they remain our choice.

My choice to examine my life, reach out, improve, restore, communicate, establish, build.

But we also have the choice to diminish and destroy, isolate and impugn, choose a spiraling road down without the vision to see future hope.

Sometimes I see the shadows, but I choose to acknowledge the light. Therein lies the hope of all the tomorrows where I choose to rejoice, to sing, to dance, to laugh, to work, to love, to live.

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