Monday, August 6, 2012

out of the no wake zone

While on vacation, we were fortunate enough to take a cruise through the Caribbean Sea visiting three Central American countries. While visiting one, we had to tender to shore as we anchored approximately five miles out due to a reef.  We had a wonderful time on our shore excursion visiting a national cultural site.  There was much history and beauty to learn and explore.

As we tendered to shore, the boat was enclosed and we sat in the middle of the lower deck with not much to see. As we tendered back to the ship, we had an open boat. My husband had been feeling ill for a couple of days and the amount of time we had spent in the sun that day had him less than his energetic self.  He requested to sit on the lower level of the open boat as to stay out of the sun.  There were only a couple of seats left on the lower level and we took them while our children went to the upper deck.

The craft started out rather slowly when I noticed a sign indicating that we were in a no wake zone.  Once we passed the buoy markers, the throttle was opened up and we accelerated quickly sending up the sea spray.  I must admit the first splash of the cool water was a surprise.  But it was but a moment before we were enjoying the breeze in our hair and the sea water spray.  As I looked around, I noticed the angry and otherwise bothered demeanor of many of my fellow passengers.  Collars were turned up, hats pulled down and one woman opened an umbrella to block the water. Their expressions clearly indicated their displeasure.

With an open mind and an open heart, we can turn most situations into an adventure. Shall we cling to our expectations? Disappointed when they are not filled to our expectations? Or shall we view the world with an explorer's eye, eager to find the good adventure in life's circumstance?

So today, I ask you to bless yourself with an open heart and open mind.  When you travel outside the no wake zone, turn your face to capture the breeze and enjoy the ride.

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