Saturday, August 11, 2012

There is something in a sunrise......a promise, hope, opportunity, a new start, a new beginning.  Whatever happened yesterday is now the past. A sunrise tells you to wake up to the here and now.  The slate is clean.  You can wallow in past mistakes or you can make the change you need to move beyond them on this day. You can lose yourself in glory days or make even more.

One of my favorite movies is "Dead Poet's Society".  Maybe because it centers around an inspiring teacher in Robin Williams' character. Maybe I learned a lesson when they talked about Carpe Diem; Seize the Day.  Make the most out of the moment without placing all hope in the future.  Today is you opportunity, seize it!

I am going to share a personal poem.

Today Was Once A Tomorrow

Drink deep of the innocence of youth--
to know unbridled excitement;
pure and unconditional love; unlimited imagination;
curiosity, creativity, promise.
Intoxicate yourself with promise
that tomorrow is pure and ready to be explored.
Saturate yourself in knowing that the reflections
of the stars make stepping stones across the water,
Quench your thirst for knowledge
turning over rocks and discovering 
the shapes floating by in the clouds.
Gulp down life feeling the wind in your hair,
the freedom of flying down hill on a bicycle.
Immerse yourself in new friends,
ones made because they were only an arm's
length away and all you need do is hold out your hand.

But never, ever let yourself thirst for hope
in the promise of new beginnings.

Some people may say, my hope is in tomorrow. I say, my hope is in today. What a blessing!

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